In which the game's boss gets snubbed
Elizabeth: I cannot do that. I came to settle some business I had with you, the tournament's host.
S. Labrys: What business?!
Elizabeth: To be blunt...!
Elizabeth: .....
Elizabeth: Hm, what business was it?
S. Labrys: How the hell should I know!?
Yu: That was harsh...
Elizabeth: It turns out I do not care about such trifling details after all. My apologies. Please forget my mention of business
Elizabeth: Actually, my search for a certain individual has unexpectedly concluded, so we're done here.
S. Labrys: Who said we're done?! That's it, I'll kill you where you stand!
Elizabeth: Hmm, I wouldn't recommend that. If I may be so boastful, it would be a battle you stand no chance of winning.
S. Labrys: Wha...!?
Elizabeth: It's nice meeting you, by the way. I am Elizabeth.
Elizabeth: Would it ring a bell if I mentioned that I am the one who governs power?
Yu: You mean like Margaret...?
Elizabeth: Oh, do you know my older sister? I see, no wonder...